Sunday, October 9, 2011

Hot Cha Cha.

Hot Cha Cha. Hot Cha Cha Josephine Nobisso, author Joan Holub, illustrator Gingerbread House 602 Montauk Highway, Westhampton Beach, New York 11978 9780940112186, $16.95 "Hot Cha Cha" is a delightful re-released classic ofpoetic storytelling that answers the "5 W's and How"questions with vivid flair and style. The poetics are impeccable, thestory is unforgettable, and the pictures are practically edible! Well,this humble attempt at doggerel does not do justice to the rollickingrhythms of "Hot Cha Cha," of course, but it really doespresent a fabulous combo of poetry, color, and motion cleverly packagedin a great little story jingle song. Even more intriguing is the hiddenor secret message about poetry discussion and reading/learning tipsprinted on the underside of the book jacket. "Hot Cha Cha" isa great book for kids of all ages and also a great teaching resource forthe dreaded poetry unit. Parents, teachers, librarians, and kids willlove "Hot Cha Cha" so much they won't even know they arelearning and chanting poetry.

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